Pediatrician Doctor

Jackline Wangari


Improving pedestrian access to transit and other services has been a recent focus of this committee which advises the Regional Transportation Commission and other transportation agencies on the network of specialized transportation services for seniors and people with disabilities in Nairobi County as well as about the transportation needs of these members of our community.

Wishing is a simple thing. You see something, you desire it, you briefly shut your eyes and utter a few words rich with supplication and conviction, “God, I wish I could get that.” Often times it rarely comes to pass. Especially if it’s something beyond your control or your imagine. Jackline is here to help you with your health needs.

A hurried mother backs out of her suburban neighborhood driveway in an effort to get to work on time but fails to realize that her three-year-old son slipped out of the front door and stands directly behind her car in an innocent game of hide-and-seek. An elderly gentleman using a cane at the crosswalk cannot avoid the oncoming speeding vehicle. A college student pulls away from the curb after having a few drinks and overlooks the pizza delivery girl on her bicycle. In developing nations, villagers transporting food and water on foot to their homes share a narrow causeway with large trucks. These are but a few of the common examples of why pedestrian motor-vehicle collisions are prevalent in the United States and the world.


Love counselling session

Fancy Chepkirui



The Bristle guiding and counselling organization team will be hosting an event at Multimedia University of Kenya, on 2nd December 2018 from 2-4 pm. The hosts of the day will be able to tackle different topics of discussion to motivate the youth or the people in love.

The relationship experts from various fields will be in attendance too to impact knowledge and create awareness on some of the issues that may affect the people, and at large relationship partners. There are a lot of issues concerning relationships matters that will be conducted during the event. The topics of discussion tackled may include;

1.choosing love partners. The organization intends to equip the audience with the things they can look into before choosing a lover.

2.Ways on how to treat your partner right in a relationship. This educates the partners on how to show love and care to their loved ones so as to avoid various challenges that may be encountered in relationship.

3.How to heal from break-ups. The counselors provides many ways in which a person can do to heal from what has hurt them and bring them back to their jovial mood as usual.

This session is conducted every Friday, at Multimedia university pavilion B. Please avail yourselves to get this session and be motivated. It will be lit, don’t miss out.

Awcon 2018 Final

Naeni Evalyn

African women cup of Nations act as the African qualifiers to the 2019 FIFA women’s world cup. Nigeria and South Africa confirmed their presence in the Tournament that will take place in France next year.
South Africa will participate for their first time while Nigeria have been to the word cup since 1991. In the semi finals South Africa won against Mali 3-0 while Nigeria 4-0 with Cameroon,penalty scores after draw of 0-0 up to the extra time.
Nigeria are the record holders of the Africa women football tournament for the last seven editions. At the opening game at Awcon 2018, South Africa won against Nigeria 1-0, and everyone is excited about the results of the finals this Saturday.
Which team is going to win Awcon 2018?.

Jamhuri Ultimate Party

Brenda Nyambura

Jamhuri Day is a national holiday in Kenya, celebrated on 12 December each year. The holiday is meant to officially mark the date of Kenya’s Independence which occurred on 12 December 1964.

Instagram Influencers and Event Organizers have done it again. The ‘254 Crew’, who are well known by the youth have announced on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages about the Ultimate Jamhuri Hangout Party Today. The Famous group has organised successful parties in the past which has seen them moving all the way to top in the Entertainment Industry.

The Group has given further details about the party and the feedback on their pages has already shown that the event will kickoff at a high note. The party will be held at Bclub, Nairobi. Some of Kenya’s favorite DJs such as Dj Hypnotic, Pierra Mackenna and Joe Mfalme have already confirmed their attendance on their social media pages as well and people cannot keep calm about it.

“Party People wassgood, Your boy Mfalme here wants to invite y’all at Bclub Nairobi, on the 12th as we about to turn up a good one. Save up, get your tickets and make sure to join the squad for one of the best nights ya heard!!! See you then FAM.” Read Dj Joe Mfalme’s Facebook post.

The ticket are now available on Ticketsasa, KFC, The Junction, Garden City and Nextgen Mall respectively. One can purchase their regular tickets at Ksh. 1500 and VIP at Ksh. 2000.

The objective of the party is to celebrate the Country’s Independence day in style and fun as everyone welcomes the Festive Season.

Last Year’s Jamhuri Party had the Famous East African Musician Diamond Platnumz from Wasafi Records perform and social media was blowing up with positive comments towards the great ordeal.

Join the party train and don’t be left behind.

Career Expo 2018

Jared Bosire, Technology


Multimedia informus is organizing a career expo which will be held at Multimedia university of Kenya conference hall as from 10AM to 5PM. All are invited. drinks and snacks will served and there afterwards a bash will be thrown from 6PM till dawn. This is a must attend. This conference’ s agenda forum is the discussion of Arduino the latest Artificial intelligent software and hardware systems development. The conference  will offer tutorials on how to make Arduino systems such as 3D printers. Three D printers have  unimaginable capability beyond the innovation.This conference aims to offering skills and professionals experience to thousands of jobless youths across the globe.

There are many other micro controllers and micro controller platforms available for physical computing this career expo will be focusing on such as  the advanced development of virtual software and holograms. this technology will not be sealed any more. There is no time the future is here now for everyone. Grab this chance and get a professional career exposure for only four hours and change your life, destiny and for those who are depending on you. The entry is free for students and children. Non students youths to pay Ksh. 1000 and adults ton Ksh. 2000. VIP Ksh. 5000.

Survey On True Love

Fancy Chepkirui


Most people tend to ask themselves the question whether true love does exist. This has been lingering in many people’s mind since relationships take different sides. Most people agreed that true love exist.Indeed,people should have a positive thinking considering the fact that there is love.They should give love whole heartedly without thinking otherwise.In the world we living in right now, most young people engage in relationships which can lead them to marriage.This means that there is genuine love.Love comes naturally and a person seems to consider most of the things that a partner does.According to my survey, it is clearly indicated that most people believe that true love does exist.This shows that most of them have been in relationships and have seen that love truly exist. It isn’t wrong to be in love, everyone has a right to choose whether to love or not.If your relationship is working out very good, hold on to that and never let go. In the survey some of the people tend to doubt whether true love exist. This might be they have been hurt or they have never believed true love exist. Each person has a positive or negative thought as to they doubt if true love is there. It is not their wish rather, it could be what they have been in their entire love life.Some people too never believe the is love at all. It could be they have never tried it or they don’t want to engage in it at all.A few people too say that there is no true love at all in the world. They prefer to be all alone and don’t expect love from anyone.In general, it’s clearly shown in my survey concerning relationship that most people believe true love exist.

Phamaceutical Vs Herbal Medicine

Jackline Wangari


Most of us prefer taking pharmaceutical medicine compared to herbal medicine either way both treatment methods have their own advantages and disadvantages
First, pharmaceutical medicine is more effective compared to herbal medicine.Once its taken,it tends to work way faster compared to the herbal medicine. Pharmaceutical medicine is also easily accessible.Nowadays one doesn’t have to go to the hospital if ill, instead you can rush to a chemist and get a prescription immediately. When it comes to herbal medicine,you will need to look for a specialist who can get the herbal medicine for you
On the other hand herbal medicine has also proven to be effective.Its main advantage is that it has no side effects compared to pharmaceutical medicine.This is because the medicine is made from natural products therefore harmless to our health.
Secondly herbal medicine is not addictive compared to pharmaceutical medicine.In most cases one gets an addition because of taking this drugs so many times. It gets to a point that even if you take a painkiller whenever you are in any kind of pain they are not effective anymore.
To conclude, its preferable to opt for herbal medicine compared to pharmaceutical medicine because of the numerous benefits that are associated with herbal treatment. Not only can one cure a disease using herbal means but you can also prevent disease and improve your overall state of health due to the extra nutrients that come with herbal medication.